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Here are the results of the WIC Art Show. These students won the following awards: 

Outstanding Work (Considered like a 1st Place) 

Honorable Mention (Considered like a 2nd Place). 

Outstanding Works

Kia Meek- acrylic

Mica Welch- mixed media

Jessica Martens- wire

Hannah Lund- acrylic

Hannah Lund- acrylic

Chaylee Reimers- mixed media

Chaylee Reimers- watercolor

Tamara Palazzo- acrylic

Kaitlyn Parker- acrylic

Christopher Diaz- ceramic

Honorable Mentions

Stormy Noble- ceramic

Chaylee Reimers- mixed media

Hannah Lund- acrylic

Vanessa Yanes- mixed media

Linnea Stark- wire

Link to WIC Art Show Video