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Football Game Attendance Expectations

Persons in attendance will only be allowed to leave the complex to the parking lot and to return to the game with administration's permission

All people in attendance will be expected to stay in the stands or standing along the fence near the concession stand, or traveling to the concession stand, restrooms, or to leave the complex

Seating : North (Closest to Concession Stand) to South-Riverside Students and Band-Riverside Fans-Visitor Fans-Signs will designate these areas

Persons in attendance are not allowed under or behind the bleachers or on the track or field, unless you are directed by the administration

Persons in attendance are not allowed on the baseball, softball, or track and field event areas

Only members of the coaching staff, opposing team's coaching staff, media, administration, and scoreboard operators are allowed in the press box and on the walking paths around the press box

There will be no tailgating and grills allowed in the parking area or anywhere in the complex

Alcohol, smoking, smokeless tobacco, and “look a likes” are not permitted anywhere on school grounds including the parking lots

No animals other than service animals