Bulldog Banner-Mission Statement

2021 Riverside Food Drive: December 6th-10th
District Goals: 5,000 items and $5,000 (including community & business donations)
OES Item Goal: 1,000 items
CES Item Goal: 1,000 items
MS/HS Item Goal: 3,000 items

  •  Be sure the food is not expired
  • All money goes directly to the office. (jeans money and donations kids bring in)
  • High school items go on the side of the hallway with Hensley/Wilson office
  •  Junior high items go on the side of the hallway with the elevator

Theme Days: The Student Council Members opted not to do theme days so people could bring whatever they wanted each day

1. NO paper products… food only!
2. The entire door frame must be filled - top to bottom! (Let Mrs. Flathers know which door is covered.)
3. Wallin’s will be the outside door to the concession stands (by the kitchen).
4. Dorr’s will be the closet door by the auditorium (by the kitchen).
5. Frain’s will be Mrs. Hensley’s door at the top of the stairs.
6. The teacher’s door has to be covered in order for them to not have class. One door on one day does not mean all classes on that day are off.
7. Before you go put the food in the doorway, each individual must show their grade-level advisor the items they brought in order to get credit.

Math/Music Monday: Ruppelt, Shughart, Houser, Brazeal, Brandon
Testing Tuesday: Rodenburg, Mauer, McQueen, Schwarzkopf, Hoffman
Whatever Wednesday: Michael, Oliver, Conover, Allen
Thinking Thursday: Rice, Wallin, Frain, Dorr, Chapin
Fiction Friday: Long-Birdsall, Flathers, Hardy, Kallsen
*6th Grade- 1 subject per day: Mon- Math, Tues- Social Studies, Wed- Science,
Thurs- English, Friday- Reading

JEANS! If a teacher donates $5 to the Food Drive, he/she can wear jeans every day that week! All money can be taken directly to the office.