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Riverside Community School District

Staff Email Addresses


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Riverside Staff Email Addresses

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Superintendent Dr. Timothy Mitchell tmitchell@riverside.k12.ia.us
Grade 6 - 12 Principal Nicholas Kroon nkroon@riverside.k12.ia.us
Grade 6-12 Assistant Principal Liz Graves lgraves@riverside.k12.ia.us
Grade Pk-5 School Principal Jamie Meek jmeek@riverside.k12.ia.us


District Staff

Athletic Director Darrell Frain dfrain@riverside.k12.ia.us
Technology Coordinator Liz Graves lgraves@riverside.k12.ia.us
K-12 Librarian Callie Kallsen ckallsen@riverside.k12.ia.us
TAG Coordinator Bonnie Kramer bkramer@riverside.k12.ia.us
ELL Coordinator Todd Bergmann tbergmann@riverside.k12.ia.us
Credit Recovery Program Coordinator Darrell Frain dfrain@riverside.k12.ia.us
Transportation Director Nick Bates nbates@riverside.k12.,ia.us
Custodial Supervisor Steve Feauto sfeauto@riverside.k12.ia.us
Food Service Supervisor Cindy Suhr csuhr@riverside.k12.ia.us
School Nurse Nikki Koricic nkoricic@riverside.k12.ia.us
Technology Engineer Chris Hamilton chamilton@riverside.k12.ia.us
Riverside Child Care Supervisor Cami Larison clarison@riverside.k12.ia.us
School-Based Interventionist Jana Hensley jhensley@riverside.k12.ia.us


Teacher Leadership (TLC) Staff

Curriculum Director Lisa Putnam lputnam@riverside.k12.ia.us
Instructional Coach Michelle Baatz mbaatz@tctrojans.org
Instructional Coach Alyssa Hamilton ahamilton@tctrojans.org
Instructional Coach Jennifer Perkins jperkins@riverside.k12.ia.us
Instructional Coach Lisa Putnam lputnam@riverside.k12.ia.us


Grade 6-12 School Teachers

Guidance Counselor Chris Conover cconover@riverside.k12.ia.us
Agriculture Tyler Johannsen tjohannsen@riverside.k12.ia.us
Art Kim Piro kpiro@riverside.k12.ia.us
Business/Technology Lisa Allen lallen@riverside.k12.ia.us
English Ruth Hardy rhardy@riverside.k12.ia.us
English Ronda Long-Birdsall rlongbirdsall@riverside.k12.ia.us
English/Yearbook Brooke Flathers bflathers@riverside.k12.ia.us
English/Reading/Science Cole Chapin cchapin@riverside.k12.ia.us
Family & Consumer Science Olivia Rodenburg orowen@riverside.k12.ia.us
Industrial Technology    
Instrumental Music Amanda Brandon abrandon@riverside.k12.ia.us
Math Joni Houser jhouser@riverside.k12.ia.us
Math Hillary Shughart hshughart@riverside.k12.ia.us
Math Eric Ruppelt eruppelt@riverside.k12.ia.us
Math/Science/Social Studies Jared Hoffman jhoffman@riverside.k12.ia.us
Physical Education/Health Mitchell Rice mrice@riverside.k12.ia.us
Physical Education Darrell Frain dfrain@riverside.k12.ia.us
Reading Callie Kallsen ckallsen@riverside.k12.ia.us
Reading Susan Dobernecker sdobernecker@riverside.k12.ia.us
Science/Social Studies Casey Conover caconover@riverside.k12.ia.us
Science Holly Garcia hgarcia@riverside.k12.ia.us
Science Michaela Schwartzkopf mschwartzkopf@riverside.k12.ia.us
Social Studies Alex Oliver aoliver@riverside.k12.ia.us
Spanish Todd Bergmann tbergmann@riverside.k12.ia.us
Special Education Eric Hodges ehodges@riverside.k12.ia.us
Special Education Jennifer Hutchinson jhutchinson@riverside.k12.ia.us
Special Education Stephanie McIntire smcintire@riverside.k12.ia.us
Vocal Music Mitchell Stover mstover@riverside.k12.ia.us
School Psychologist Meghan Wilson mwilson@ghaea.org


Grade 3-5 Teachers (Carson)

Guidance Counselor Ryanne McIntosh rmcintosh@riverside.k12.ia.us
3rd Grade Jason Crum jcrum@riverside.k12.ia.us
3rd Grade Joni Gordon jgordon@riverside.k12.ia.us
3rd Grade Kara Plagman kplagman@riverside.k12.ia.us
4th Grade Michelle Griffen mgriffen@riverside.k12.ia.us
4th Grade Shelly Rhoten strhoten@riverside.k12.ia.us
5th Grade Ashley Houser ahouser@riverside.k12.ia.us
5th Grade Kayla Jansen kjansen@riverside.k12.ia.us
5th Grade/Title I John Blair jblair@riverside.k12.ia.us
Special Education Susan Dobernecker sdobernecker@riverside.k12.ia.us
Special Education Angela Miller amiller@riverside.k12.ia.us
Art Heather Mauer hmauer@riverside.k12.ia.us
Physical Education Brock Johnson bjohnson@riverside.k12.ia.us
Instrumental Music Amanda Brandon abrandon@riverside.k12.ia.us
Vocal Music Mitchell Stover mstover@riverside.k12.ia.us


PK- Grade 2 Teachers (Oakland)

Guidance Counselor Ryanne McIntosh rmcintosh@riverside.k12.ia.us
Preschool Sandy Bierwirth sbierwirth@riverside.k12.ia.us
Preschool Lindsey Henderson lhenderson@riverside.k12.ia.us
Kindergarten Rachel Gunderson rgunderson@riverside.k12.ia.us
Kindergarten Amy Smith asmith@riverside.k12.ia.us
Kindergarten Jill Weathers jweathers@riverside.k12.ia.us
1st Grade Alison Henry ahenry@riverside.k12.ia.us
1st Grade Annie Vorthmann avorthmann@riverside.k12.ia.us
1st Grade Tiffany Byers tbyers@riverside.k12.ia.us
2nd Grade Barb Hart bhart@riverside.k12.ia.us
2nd Grade Lisa Hummel lhummel@riverside.k12.ia.us
2nd Grade Julie Ravlin jravlin@riverside.k12.ia.us
Title I Reading Emma Vollmar evollmar@riverside.k12.ia.us
Special Education Michaele Carman mcarman@riverside.k12.ia.us
Special Education Angela Miller amiller@riverside.k12.ia.us
Art Kim Piro kpiro@riverside.k12.ia.us
Computers Brock Johnson bjohnson@riverside.k12.ia.us
Physical Education Brock Johnson bjohnson@riverside.k12.ia.us
Vocal Music Bonnie Kramer bkramer@riverside.k12.ia.us



Board Secretary Terresa Grobe tgrobe@riverside.k12.ia.us
Business Manager Dan Rold danrold@riverside.k12.ia.us
Grade 6-12  School Secretary Penny Anderson panderson@riverside.k12.ia.us
Grade 6-12 Guidance Secretary ReAnn Hildebrand rhildebrand@riverside.k12.ia.us
Grade 3-5 School Secretary Jeff Karros jkarros@riverside.k12.ia.us
Grade PK-2 School Secretary Lori Nisley lnisley@riverside.k12.ia.us



Grade 6-12 Brittany Brockman bbrockman@riverside.k12.ia.us
Grade 6-12 Pam Conry pconry@riverside.k12.ia.us
Grade 6-12 Michelle Faxon mfaxon@riverside.k12.ia.us
Grade 6-12 Deb Fulton dfulton@riverside.k12.ia.us
Grade 6-12 Suzanne Karros skarros@riverside.k12.ia.us
Grade 6-12 Karla Keener kkeener@riverside.k12.ia.us
Grade 6-12 Melissa Lewis mlewis@riverside.k12.ia.us
Grade 6-12 Tamara Shellberg tshellberg@riverside.k12.ia.us
Grade 3-5 Stephanie Brandes sbrandes@riverside.k12.ia.us
Grade 3-5 Trudy Hodges thodges@riverside.k12.ia.us
Grade 3-5 Caiti Smith csmith@riverside.k12.ia.us
Grade PK-2 Becky Carrick bcarrick@riverside.k12.ia.us
Grade PK-2 Nicole Frain nfrain@riverside.k12.ia.us
Grade PK-2 Kim Kaiser kkaiser@riverside.k12.ia.us
Grade PK-2 Amy Long along@riverside.k12.ia.us
Grade PK-2 Kari Rose krose@riverside.k12.ia.us
Grade PK-2 Karin Sanny ksanny@riverside.k12.ia.us
Grade PK-2 Cheryl Simmons csimmons@riverside.k12.ia.us



District Supervisor Steve Feauto sfeauto@riverside.k12.ia.us
Day Custodian Dan Hackett  
Night Custodian Deb Blatny  
Night Custodian Gavin Geyer  
Night Custodian Marilyn Mass  
Night Custodian JoHelen Roberson  



Grade PK-2 Lisa Feigenbutz


Grade PK-2 Sue Irvin sirvin@riverside.k12.ia.us
Grade 3-5 Kim Blay kblay@riverside.k12.ia.us
District Supervisor-Grade 3-5 Cindy Suhr csuhr@riverside.k12.ia.us
Grade 6-12 Monica Eckert meckert@riverside.k12.ia.us
Grade 6-12 Janice Hackett jhackett@riverside.k12.ia.us


Riverside Child Care (RCC) Staff

RCC Supervisor Cami Larison clarison@riverside.k12.ia.us
RCC Jackie Akers jakers@riverside.k12.ia.us



Transportation Supervisor Nick Bates nbates@riverside.k12.ia.us
Bus Driver Nelson Bingham  
Bus Driver Marshall Cooper  
Bus Driver Michelle Faxon  
Bus Driver Tamara Shellberg