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Federal and state law prohibit Public Health and school officials from disclosing identifying information about positive COVID-19 cases in a public manner.  Riverside will work to notify the community but must protect the confidentiality of their students and staff.  Schools with 5 or few cases should not provide a specific count, but can only confirm there are cases within the school population. 

Pottawattamie County Public Health and Riverside Community School District can confirm that less than Five (5) students have been confirmed positive for COVID-19.  No staff have been confirmed positive. Contact and location tracing have been completed by the district and Public Health in each case and limited exposure was determined.  All students who tested positive have completed quarantine, been cleared by Public Health to return to school and are asymptomatic. Any students and staff identified as having primary exposure were notified and appropriate measures as identified by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Public Health and the Iowa Department of Education have been instituted.  The district continues to utilize all recommended mitigation measures at school to provide a healthy and safe environment for the students and staff.

As of today (10-5-2020), Pottawattamie County is 10.5% positive-14 day average.  That indicates that we will provide Traditional Face to Face/Hybrid Instruction with the options for parents to request approval for Remote Learning.

You can access this information at:

In addition, the Iowa Department of Public Health released New Guidance this week regarding COVID-19 exposure and whether or not those in close contact need to quarantine. 

 Decision points are at:

·        0-5%  None to Minimal

·        6-14% Minimal to Moderate-Where we are at now

·        15-20% Substantial Controlled

·        >20% Substantial Uncontrolled

Decisions are based on the %, student and staff absenteeism and in collaboration with local and state Public Health and the Iowa Department of Education. Please find the Riverside-Return to Learn Safely and Responsibly Plan posted on our website 

No students or staff members with major symptoms or a Positive COVID-19 diagnosis are attending school or will be allowed to attend school or participate in activities.  We are implementing strict mitigation protocols.  We have no evidence of school, or activities spread of COVID-19 all cases have been attributed to been community spread.