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Riverside will work to notify the community but must protect the confidentiality of their students and staff.  Schools with 5 or few cases we will not provide a specific count, but will only confirm there are cases within the school population. Each week the district will provide a Community Update. 

Pottawattamie County Public Health and Riverside Community School District can confirm: 

  • There were additional students and staff this week placed in quarantine due to primary exposure or testing positive for COVID-19.

  • Total Student/Staff Positive COVID-19 Cases (Since the Beginning of School)--  57 --  7.4 %

  • Total Student/Staff Positive COVID-19 Cases (Current)-- 4--  0.5 %

  • Total Student/Staff Absent (Positive/Primary Contact)--  21 --  2.7% 

  • Number of Students/Staff that could return this week --  10

  • Remote Learners:  

    • Grade PK-5 --  18  

    • Grade 6-12 --  41  

  • We have had a total of four hundred eighteen (418) students and staff since the beginning of the year that have been out and most have returned to school.

  • Total Count 

    • Student (approx.) 640

    • Staff Count (approx.) 128

  • No students or staff members with major symptoms or a Positive COVID-19 diagnosis are attending school or will be allowed to attend school or participate in activities.  

  • We will continue implementing strict mitigation protocols.  

  • If we see an increase in student and staff absences due to positive cases this can have a negative impact on school operations. Please consider strict mitigation techniques at this time.

As of today (12-14-2020), Pottawattamie County is 18.5% positive-14 day average.  

You can access this information at: 

% Positive Analysis - Public School District Summary

The following is a list of school districts and state accredited nonpublic schools that have submitted requests and have been either granted or denied to temporarily move to more than 50 percent remote learning for the entire district, one or more buildings within a district or the state accredited nonpublic building. Approvals are issued for 14 calendar days.

Requests to Move to Remote Learning for a School Building or District

Guidelines from the CDC do allow quarantine to end at 7 days if the following criteria are met:

  • Testing is prioritized for symptomatic individuals.

  • You continue to remain symptom free AND

  • A negative test result 48 hours prior to quarantine discontinuation. Testing can happen no earlier than 5 days from exposure.

*Enhanced monitoring of your health should continue for 14 days from exposure. If there are any changes in health, you should isolate and seek out testing.

If you have questions pertaining to quarantine guidance or symptoms please contact Public Health at 712-242-1120 or your primary care giver.

The following documents will help answer some of the questions you may have about how decisions are made related to quarantine and keeping schools open.

When to Quarantine

Evaluating Students & Staff

Community Spread