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Governor Reynolds' Public Health Proclamation on December 16, 2020 provided new opportunities for attendance at activities, effective Thursday, Dec. 17 at 12:01 a.m. through at 11:59 p.m. on January 8, 2021.

At this time Riverside Community School District will implement the following procedures to promote attendance of immediate family members at high school events.

  • Each athlete will be provided with two WIC Conference COVID passes. 
  • COVID-19 passes will continue to be required at the gate for family admission.
  • Prior to this point and time, these passes allowed only TWO spectators per participant per game to attend.
  • Beginning tonight at Treynor--December 18, 2020, the WIC passes will allow all family members living in the home with the participant to attend.
  • If you are a two-household family and are in need of additional COVID-19 passes, please contact the school and we will help you obtain the additional passes.
  • Additional family members must arrive with the pass or ticket holders to be admitted.
  • ALL WIC passes are non-transferable between athletes and must be used only by family members who reside in the same household as the participant.
  • Our attendance procedures regarding arrival and leave times remain unchanged.
  • In order to help in ensure accurate numbers, we will be asking all players to report the number of household members.  This information will be kept at the entrance to each event and admission will continue as it has in the recent past.

 More recently the Iowa High School Athletic Association and the Iowa High School Girl’s Athletic Union has helped to clarify the possibilities and restrictions for all school sponsored events.  Please take time to review the following questions and answers to assist in your understanding. 

 Q.  What is meant by household? 

 A.  A household includes those people who live/reside under the same roof as the player/participant/performer/coach, etc. 

Q.  Would a student who is living in two households due to a divorce or similar situation be allowed to have both households attend? 

 A.  Yes, the student who is living in two homes would be allowed to have tickets for members of both households. 

Q.  Can a district issue additional tickets to provide for grandparents or others who previously were approved as one of the two tickets for a student? 

 A.  Districts are only allowed to provide tickets to the members of the household that the athlete, performer, etc. reside under the same roof with OR two tickets.  Not both for one athlete. 

Q.  Do schools have to account for the individuals in the household and track names for the tickets? 

 A. How each district manages the ticketing process is local control and host schools for athletic events are charged with following the guidance.  The intent of allowing members of the household is to increase the number of spectators tied to one individual without substantially increasing the risk of spreading the virus.  Two tickets did not cover entire families, nor provide options for divorce situations. 

Q.  Do the tickets for coaches also include members of his/her household? 

 A.  The two tickets that were previously allowed in all categories-athletes, performers, band members, cheerleaders, dance teams members, coaches, have now been expanded to include all members of the household for that individual.  

Q.  Do members of the households have to wear masks and social distance? 

A.  Members of the same household may sit together, but must social distance from other households.  Masks are still required.  Nothing in the proclamation changed those requirements.  

Q.  Are schools/conferences required to extend the number of spectators to include members of the household? 

A.  If schools/conferences wish to continue with the two-spectator limit, they may do so as a school/conference. 

Q.  Do spectators still need to leave after their child has competed, performed, etc.? 

 A.  Yes. The latest proclamation does not change that requirement.

Q.  If a family member is away at college and returns for break, is he/she allowed to attend as part of the household? 

 A.  Yes, as long as the college student has his/her primary residence (permanent address) as the family household.

 Please know that the guidance regarding attendance at school events is fluid and may be altered at the end of the Governor’s new proclamation.  Please contact us with any questions you may have.