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Western Iowa Conference Guidelines for Event Attendance

Effective until January 11th:

In the early evening of January 7, 2021, Governor Reynolds modified the attendance rules for JH and HS activities.  At this time school districts are working to uncover what the loosening of restrictions means, as social distancing between attendees is still required.  Please know that all Western Iowa Conference schools are working to understand and develop plans that work for our conference. 

Until January 11th, WIC schools will continue to implement our most recent attendance guidelines of 2 COVID Tickets OR household members attending. Guidelines for wrestling tournaments will be dictated by the host school. 

Effective January 11th and until further notice:

We understand that everyone wants the world, which includes attending school events, to return to normal.  We all share that same hope. AND Every school's main purpose is to provide great instruction to our students; academics still must come first.  Whatever we have been doing thus far has been very effective as we have had little to no spread within our buildings. (Thank you to our students, staff and families for being extra safe.) We want to do everything we can to continue with in-person instruction. Secondarily, we want to give all of our students every chance possible to complete all of their events and seasons, and that means we are going to proceed cautiously. 

Representatives from each of the WIC schools met and came to consensus on the following guidelines:

  • Masks will be worn at all times in the buildings

  • All active participants (including cheerleaders, pep band, dance teams, etc) will be allowed to have their full immediate household PLUS 2 additional tickets they can share with grandparents, other close family or whomever they want.

  • We will no longer be clearing the gyms. This means that once you enter the building for any game for which you have a ticket, you are allowed to attend all games in that building that night.

  • Social distancing from other households will still be expected.

We will follow these guidelines until we feel it would be safe to allow more in attendance. As you know, we are all coming off of the Winter Break where we know families and friends gathered. Our hope is if our numbers remain low, we will be able to increase the number of spectators. That being said, if our numbers increase, we know we would have to limit attendance.