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Charles E. Lakin Outstanding Teacher Awards (News Release) This award was created to honor four local educators--two elementary teachers (K-6), and two secondary (7-12) teachers whose efforts encourage and motivate students to come to school and who see teaching as a calling, rather than a job.

Each winner will receive $10,000, with an additional $2,500 given to their school.  

Teachers at schools within a 40-mile radius of Charles Lakin's hometown of Emerson, Iowa, are eligible for this award:  AHSTW, Atlantic, CAM, Clarinda, East Mills, Essex, Fremont Mills, Glenwood, Griswold, Hamburg, Red Oak, Riverside, Shenandoah, Sidney, Stanton, South Page, Southwest Valley, Treynor, Tri-Center, and Underwood.  

Nominations will be accepted through March 31st. Educators may not be nominated by family members. The nomination form can be found at this link or on the front page of the GHAEA website.  If your district qualifies for this award, please include the information in your school newsletters and on your district’s webpage.