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Riverside Community High School Driver Education

Summer 2021

 White Knuckle Driving School-Atlantic, IA

Class Starts: June 7th and should finish by the second week in July. 

They offer 5 to 6 classes per year between March and December. 

All classes are on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 5pm -8pm. 

All drive times are selected by the parents at the Parent/Student Meeting. Students drive three (3) times per week at a minimum of thirty (30) minutes. Each student drives 12 times. Two drives on gravel, two drives on highway and two on the interstate. Atlantic is located close enough to the interstate so we have that benefit and we try to give them training in as many real life situations as we can.

The entire class takes approximately 30 days to complete.

We do have one class on Saturday morning (June 12, 2021-8:15 AM-111:30 AM) in which all students learn to change a tire, this is hands on. The second half is the Share the Road”  taught by Abate of Iowa on motorcycle safety which is required. This class takes three (3) hours

Price: $340.00 and $315.00 for Free and Reduced Students. 

White Knuckle Driving School LLC are licensed, bonded and insured. 

White Knuckle Driving School LLC has three (3) full-time drivers and a fourth driver to fill in. 

To Register: 

More information can be obtained from Penny Anderson at the MHS


or call 712-482-6464

To contact White Knuckle Driving School LLC Directly:

Call 712-249-3995


Michael W. Magers

White Knuckle Driving School LLC

Atlantic , IA