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Be an Involved Parent

Parents Make a Difference

Studies show that children whose parents are engaged in their education have higher grades, better behavior, better attendance and improved social skills. We will provide ten ways you can be a more involved parent. This week we will feature five ways and next week we will share an additional five.

Show Interest in School-Regularly ask your child about school and about what they are learning. “Tell me something you learned in school today.”

Prioritize Attendance-Regular attendance is crucial for success in school.  Make sure your child is in school every day.

Get to Know Your Child’s Teacher-Attend open houses and parent-teacher conferences, and talk to your child’s teacher about any questions or concerns you have.  Let them know how you prefer to be communicated with (EX: email, text, or phone call, etc)

Stay Informed-Read school newsletters and regularly check the school’s website, social media and app for district and school news, upcoming events and important notices.

Make Homework a Priority-How you approach the subject of homework says a great deal about the value you place on education. Your child needs to know that you consider homework to be very important.

Five more ways next week!!