Bulldog Banner Mission  Statement

On Saturday, February 25th, 20 Riverside students competed at district Individuals Speech in 25 events.

 Everyone did a phenomenal job and 16 students are moving on to State in 19 events! 

Those students are: Yasari Perez-Diaz (Poetry); Jayden Bates (Original Oratory), Holly Hering (Acting and Prose), Ally Keener (Poetry), Madi Sparr (Review and Public Address), Markely Yanes (Radio News); Autumn Bennett (Acting), Allyee Pierson (Prose), Kyler Rieken (Radio News and Spontaneous Speaking), Logan Skank (Solo Improv.); Bowe Branan (Poetry), Kia Meek (Literary Program), Heidi Millett (Literary Program), Cayla Schuster (Literary Program), Kim Smith (After Dinner), and Macy Woods (Prose). ***Kia Meek and Markely Yanes are not pictured***