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Please Read-State Testing Information for the Spring 2023 State Test (ISASP)

Each year the district is held accountable by taking the state assessment. This year we will once again have our students take the online state assessment aligned with Iowa Core Standards. ISASP Spring 2023 Administration: The ISASP administration window for the state is March 13 - May 5, 2023.  All students in grades 3-11 must take the ELA/Reading and Math ISASP tests. All students in grades 5, 8, 10 must take the Science ISASP test.

That assessment will take place on March 27-31, 2023 in Riverside. No testing should take place prior to March 27, 2023.  We have until April 7, 2023 to complete make-ups.

What Can Parents Do:

  • Make sure your child gets an ample, normal amount of sleep the night before a test

  • Mark testing days on your calendar to help remind you and your child when testing will take place and plan your preparations

  • The student should eat a nutritious and filling breakfast.  Avoid high sugar cereals which can make a student unfocused

  • Set aside time each night prior to the test for several weeks to review concepts

  • Work with your child’s teacher to find materials to work on at home in preparation for the test

  • Make sure the student is on time on the day of testing

  • If your child is sick please contact the school immediately so make-up testing can be scheduled.