Article from the Avoca Journal Herald:

Corporal Kurt Ferguson from the Pottawattamie County Sheriff’s Office is the new School Resource Officer serving the five rural schools in the county this year.

The armed law enforcement officer runs on a varied schedule between the five different schools to fulfill the need in each district.

“The role of the school resource officer serves three purposes,” according to the administration at the five schools. “ Law enforcement, law-related instructor, and advisor.”

Corporal Ferguson is currently employed by Pottawattamie County and also has a background in education with a degree in Social Sciences.

Deputy Ferguson also has experience working with kids specifically as a coach, coaching both baseball and football over his career. 

“His background and experience with students will help tremendously as he works to establish relationships with our students through educational experiences in classroom programs and safety training,” noted Superintendent Darin Jones from AHSTW Community Schools.

A 28E Agreement was worked out between the five schools sharing the cost for the service covering the AHSTW Community School District, Riverside Community School District, Tri-Center Community School District, Treynor Community School District, and Underwood Community School District.

“I’ll be dealing with law enforcement issues that get into the school facilities,” said Corporal Ferguson.   “I have resources available on matters that are affecting the students at school.”

Corporate Ferguson completed a National Training Program this past summer and that along with his 13 years of experience with the Pottawattamie County Sheriff’s Office made him a perfect candidate for the School Resource Officer job.

This year marks his first year in the position.

Corporal Ferguson is a resident of Council  Bluffs.

“Sheriff Andy Brown made adding SROs into the rural county schools a priority, making room in his budget to add this position,” said Dr. Angela Huseman, Tri-Center Schools Superintendent. “He  continues  to work on building the number of SROs in rural schools with the hope that next school year there will be a second SRO to share which will double the contact hours for our schools.  The  schools  will  share  some of the cost for this person which they will be able, in part, to offset with Operational Sharing  dollars  from  the  state.”