At the board meeting on September 18, 2023, the school board passed the following recommendations, which are effective immediately:  

Purchase your tickets ahead of time from Riverside no longer accepts cash at all activities. Buy ahead of time or bring your credit or debit card

No more paper passes will be accepted-these will all need to be purchased on Bound

Increase Adult Passes from $80 to $100  

Increase Senior Citizen Passes from $20 to $40  

Increase family passes from $250 to $275 
(no more paper passes accepted-must be purchased on Bound)

Student passes will be eliminated from Bound, as all Riverside students are admitted free

Limit the family pass to one household (3 people) 

Lifetime Pass (reissue new passes)-grandfathered in if they have it-get them from Jeff Karros at CES or trade at the gate-No longer available for purchase after 9/18/23-Old Lifetime passes will no longer be honored-The Lifetime pass is only applicable to the individual who originally received the pass, not the entire family

Riverside Students must show their student ID-this will start during Basketball season