Attention Grade 6-12 Students - Important Information


HS 2nd Semester Grades

3rd quarter grades will represent 2nd semester grades. Teachers have voted to slide our passing scale down to 60%. This means that anybody getting a 60% or higher can elect to take a "Pass" as a grade. If you take a pass, you will receive credit, but it will not be factored into your GPA. This is open to all students with a 60% or above. Your responsibility will be to let your teacher know if you want to take your third quarter grade, or the pass option (as long as you are 60% or higher, of course).

JH Grades

Your grades will keep as your 3rd quarter grades. If you want to raise yoru grade, you need to reach out to your teacher

Due Dates

Seniors, you need to have your stuff in to teachers by midnight on May 8, 2020.

Underclassmen, work/decision is due to your teachers by May 20, 2020.

Internet Access

If you have limited access to the internet, please see your teacher, Mr. Kroon, or Mrs. Graves when your school is back in session. you will be afforded the right for the same options listed above.


I have left the discretion up to the teacher about the process of makeup work, missing work, and assessments. We are offering grace in these difficult times and hope with the Pass option and time to makeup/redo work you are afforded opportunities to get your grade to where you are comfortable.