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Open Gym/Weight Room/Fields/Track Guidelines for COVID-19 Prevention


Riverside is planning that on July 1st, 2020 we will be allowed open gyms and coach supervised weight room sessions to begin for students following the guidance of the Governor, Iowa Department of Education, and the Athletic Associations. To prepare for this possible opportunity we want to make sure that all student-athletes are aware of the guidelines they will have to follow to participate. Extra-curricular activities are a choice to participate in. We completely understand if you do not wish to participate during this time. If you choose to participate the following mitigation efforts are required to help ensure participant, coach, and community safety:

❏ Posted signage indicating no one should attend or participate if they currently have symptoms or have been in contact with anyone with a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis in the last 14 days.

❏ Participants need to limit the items they bring with them.

❏ Participants are expected to bring their own personal hand sanitizer.

❏ Parents must remain in their cars to drop off and pick up players. Participants reporting to and leaving are not allowed to congregate in parking lots and must follow social distancing guidelines. Parent contact with coaches should be done through email, phone calls, or other electronic communication if at all possible.

❏ Coaches are responsible for ensuring social distancing is maintained between participants as much as possible. This means additional spacing between players while lifting or during drills so that participants remain spaced out.

❏ Participants must bring their own water/beverage to consume during and after. No shared drinking fountains, portable hydration stations, or coolers may be used.

❏ Coaches must sanitize shared equipment before and after each session. Coaches will use a disinfectant spray to sanitize all shared equipment and areas before and after open gyms and weight room sessions. Weight room sessions will be scheduled and limit the number of participants to 10 per session. This will allow each participant to have their own rack, bar, and bench during their session. Students and coaches will disinfect each station at the end of each session.

❏ Participants and coaches are required to check their temperatures before attending weight room sessions and open gyms. This needs to be done at home before attending and is the responsibility of the athlete. Participation or attendance is not allowed if the temperature is 100.3 and above.

❏ Anyone with symptoms of illness is not allowed to participate or attend. Parents or participants please contact your coach if you have symptoms of illness and need to miss. Coaches are required to have players showing symptoms of illness to not participate or attend practices for 72 hours symptom-free without medication.

❏ Coaches should be knowledgeable of their students with pre-existing health conditions and work with school nurses or other health officials to take additional precautions as needed. If you have a child that has pre-existing health conditions please notify your coach immediately.

❏ Public health will be contacted if a positive case of COVID-19 is reported.

These guidelines are extremely important to help prevent the spread of illness. If a positive case of COVID-19 occurs we will follow the guidance of the public health department. Please be aware that anyone that tests positive or meets the guidelines of the public health department may be required to quarantine for up to 14 days. A positive case may also require open gyms, weight room, and summer sports to be shut down if guidelines are not followed.

 Riverside Coaching Staff

Darrel Frain, Activities Director