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Riverside Graduation

It has come to our attention there was some confusion surrounding the 6 person per family limit. Long story short, we compared with other districts' graduations and came up with the 6 person limit a couple weeks ago. The issue became that we did not put that in our note to parents and students this past week. So, when graduates were told at practice that 6 was the number per family, we were under the impression they had already heard this. Turns out they had not. We apologize for this confusion.

So, for graduation today, we are recommending that each graduate only have 6 per family if possible, but understand if you have a few more that may want to attend graduation. We will not be counting or limiting at the entrance. We hope everyone uses our previous guidance concerning accessing school facilities. We are also asking that family units stay socially distanced from others as much as possible.

If it does get moved inside due to inclement weather (which is super highly unlikely), we will still ask for 4 family members.

Thanks for your understanding in this matter, and once again, we apologize for the confusion.