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You can click on this LINK to access our video displaying our Day in the Life Video for the MS/HS explaining back to school protocols. A special note: the PK-5 elementary version is in production and will be released early next week!

Link to Video

A special thanks to Ronda Long-Birdsall for her excellent narration, and our awesome actresses Liz Graves, Stephanie Stephens, and Penny Anderson!

Information for students and parents at Middle/Senior High School

There will be NO Open House on Thursday, August 20. For new students to our building (6th graders and transfers), please reach out to nkroon@riverside.k12.ia.us if you would like a tour by the principal to calm some beginning of the year nerves. Sixth graders, you will meet first period in the auditorium on the first day of school, and we will go through all the necessary items to help you feel comfortable. Also, we have a great staff that will be looking out for you all day, every day, and for the first few weeks especially. 

 Parents can drop students off in the circle to enter the building. Buses will drop students off at the back of the school. Staff will be there to assist you on where to go. Please keep in mind that if you arrive early, we will ask you to sit in an assigned seat in the commons. School starts at 8:20 am and ends at 3:20 pm.

Class lockers will be checked out as usual, but we will NOT check out PE/Locker Room lockers. Students will be storing their items within their class locker with the intention of them bringing items home for routine cleaning. Coaches and PE teachers will be covering all protocols to Locker Room Use. 

We are still in the process of switching over from JMC to Midas as our student information system. If you have registered as a parent, you should be able to see your student's schedule. Our schedules right now should be about 98% accurate. Please reach out to jmeek@riverside.k12.ia.us if you are unable to access Midas. Reach out to cconover@riverside.k12.ia.us or nkroon@riverside.k12.ia.us if you have scheduling conflicts or questions. And, if you are unable to still access your schedule, don't worry -- we will have hard copy schedules to hand out on the first day of school.

Thank you for your patience over these past sixth months... it'd be safe to say we're probably going to need some more of that patience. :) We are truly excited to greet your children on August 24th!

Take care, Bulldog Nation!

Nicholas Kroon, 6-12 Principal