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Riverside Community School District

2020-2021 Fall Sports Football Game Expectations

Extra-curricular activities are a choice to attend. We completely understand if you do not wish to attend events. If you choose to attend the following mitigation efforts are required to help ensure player, coach, and spectator safety:

  • Bleacher space will be limited at Football games. When using the bleachers and attending games all attendees should practice social distancing between different household units and accept personal responsibility for public health guidelines. Even though this is an outdoor event we are recommending wearing face coverings when social distancing is not possible.
  • The Riverside Band will be in attendance at Home Football games with special mitigation efforts.
  • Fans should bring their own chairs, blankets, or will need to stand at events. Any area outside of the fence can be utilized for private seating. You should also plan on bringing your own chair or blanket for away games. 
  • Fans may arrive no earlier than 6:00 for admittance to Varsity football games.
  • Players, coaches, managers, and trainers will have an extended players box on the football field to help with social distancing.
  • Face Coverings are encouraged for all spectators and will be required for Riverside students when seated in the student section
  • No limitation on crowd sizes, due to it being an outdoor event.
  • Persons in attendance will only be allowed to leave the complex to the parking lot and to return to the game with administration's permission
  • Persons in attendance are not allowed under or behind the bleachers or on the track or field, unless you are directed by the administration
  • Persons in attendance are not allowed on the baseball, softball, or track and field event areas
  • Only members of the coaching staff, opposing team's coaching staff, media, administration, and scoreboard operators are allowed in the press box and on the walking paths around the press box
  • There will be no tailgating and grills allowed in the parking area or anywhere in the complex
  • Alcohol, smoking, smokeless tobacco, and “look alikes” are not permitted anywhere on school grounds including the parking lots
  • No animals other than service animals
  • Younger students should not be playing games on the side hills since this space will be used by spectators this year. Please do not bring footballs or soccer balls with you as fans this year.
  • We ask for your help in cleaning up the area around where you sit to help our janitorial staff due to the increase in sanitizing we will have to do.

 Thank you for following the guidelines above and making this opportunity for our athletes possible. Please understand that anyone that does not follow the guidelines above may be asked to leave or cause future games to be canceled. Please understand that this opportunity is unique and will be different than a normal season. Refrain from addressing players, coaches, and officials negatively during games to help make this experience run smoothly.