2020 STACK UP!

Dear Riverside Elementary parents,

As a fun and rewarding distraction from all that is going on this year, we have some exciting news to share! Our school has signed up to attempt a new Guiness World Record titled, "The World's Largest Online Photo Album of Speed Stacks". This record attempt will happen over a two week period starting November 18th - December 2nd. The most exciting part is; your child can take part and be counted as a World Record Holder.  Additionally if your child participates by submitting photos of them stacking, they will receive a "STACK UP! World Record Holder Certificate"

We will be promoting this event at school and online and would like your child to participate. The great thing about this year's event is; Students can participate from anywhere, they do not have to be in school. It's FREE to participate but students will need their own set of Speed Stacks. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Go to stackup.speedstacks.com to learn about the event and to register your child. Again this is FREE.

2. Your child will need a set of Speed Stacks to participate. Because the record attempt is "The World's Largest Online Photo Album of Speed Stacks" other plastics cups will not work. Use the options below to obtain a set of Speed Stacks, if your child needs one. Shop on Amazon or shop on Speed Stacks

3. Between November 18th - December 2nd, take as many photos of your child stacking with their set of Speed Stacks and upload them to stackup.speedstacks.com

I will be teaching my Sport Stacking unit during this time and I hope you will support your child in helping our school be a part of a new Guiness World Record.


Mr. Johnson - Physical Education