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The Red Oak Activities Department is encouraging all spectators to buy digital tickets to our events this school year. Admission is $6.00 for adults and students. Kids ages 0-5 are free. The 2022-23 school year is a transition year in terms of allowing cash for admissions to events.  Admissions will be entirely cashless starting with the 2023-24 school year and beyond. It is important to note that concessions will continue to be cash only.   

We want people to know that, while those who plan to pay with cash for admissions will not be turned away, they may experience a longer wait time.  If spectators bring cash, we would highly encourage paying the exact cost of admission.  We will no longer have a cash box at the admissions areas.  Below are the ways to buy digital tickets to our events:

1 - Purchase your ticket(s) ahead of time through the Bound app or link provided by our school - https://www.gobound.com/ia/schools/redoak/tickets.

2 - Use a debit/credit card to purchase your ticket(s) on our Point Of Sale (POS) devices at the admissions areas.  

Please help make our admissions process more efficient by buying your tickets ahead of time on the app or link we provide for each event OR plan to use your credit/debit card at our Point Of Sale devices on site.  


  • CASHLESS:  https://www.gobound.com/ia/schools/redoak/tickets 

  • If tickets are not purchased prior to the event, we will have card readers at the admissions areas.  

  • HS events = $6.00 for students and adults

  • Sub-varsity events = $4.00 for adults; $3.00 for students



  • No students will be allowed to congregate or roam around our facilities on their own.  

  • Pre-K through 6th grade students will need to sit or stand with their family.