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I am writing to inform you that the Riverside Community School District School Board has accepted my resignation and approved my request for Early Retirement Benefit per School Board Policy 407.6 from Riverside Community School District, effective July 1, 2023. I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity and pleasure to serve Riverside Community School District as Superintendent since July 1, 2016.

My wife and I have enjoyed the Riverside community and are most grateful to its citizens for welcoming us in 2016, and for being such good neighbors. I reflect often on the opportunity the district provided me to serve as the superintendent and it has been a challenging but rewarding seven years. Time passes by so quickly.

My retirement on July 1, 2023, will culminate 40 years in public education. I served three school districts (Chamberlain, SD, Rapid City, SD and Riverside, IA) and 27 years as a superintendent with the last seven years in Riverside. I also had a rewarding teaching and coaching career in my hometown, Yankton, SD. Any success that may be attached to my leadership in all the districts I served  can be accredited to a supportive School Board and a tremendously capable group of educators and support staff who have worked with me over all the years. I have shared often with my colleagues the positive relationship I have had with the Riverside School Board and our having worked together to improve educational services for children. In today's political environment, that is not always the case.

The past seven years have provided many opportunities for the School Board and staff to excel during difficult times. Those times did not sway Riverside's educators from being more determined to meet those challenges and make the school system even stronger. I will work hard over the next 5 and one half months to get as many projects as possible to completion or at least to a point where a smooth transition can take place.

For the better part of my career, many people have suggested that I need a better work-life balance. They have encouraged me to spend time with family, take time for myself, get some rest, etc. I have seldom listened to that advice. Having the flexibility to spend additional time with my family, travel, pursue other opportunities, reflect, continue learning, and write is critical for me. I look forward to moving closer to family and spending more time at my camper.

I am excited about my retirement and the eventual next phase of my life, but I am saddened about the departure from colleagues and friends that I have worked with so closely. Professionally, I would love to stay and be part of what happens next in Riverside because I know there's a bright future. Personally, I had to make this decision and I need to move on. One's professional life can easily define an individual due to the time and commitment expended. I can retire, at this time, knowing that I have given my best to the Riverside Community School District and all the districts I served, their families, children, and staff. My tenure here will forever be a significant part of who I am.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to serve and for the support that has been provided to me and my wife over the years. I wish only the best for Riverside Community School District and look forward to learning of the new heights that you will accomplish in the future. Thank you for being so supportive during my tenure, entrusting me with leading this great district, and helping me grow along the way. 

“We R Riverside”

Dr. Timothy Mitchell


Riverside Community School District